1) What was the name of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s father's church?
Little Zion Baptist
Mount Erie
Ebenezer Baptist
Southern Church of the People
2) What group launched the Freedom Rides in 1961?
CORE-Congress of Racial Equality
Black Lives Matter
SCLC-Southern Christian LeadershipConference
ACLU-American Civil Liberties Union

3) Who wrote the best selling memoir "I know why the caged bird sings"?
Correta Scott King
Maya Angelou
Oprah Winfrey
Annie Wright
4) What was Muhammad Ali's original name?
Larry Bird
Leviticus Lewis
Cassius Clay
Marcellus Moore

5) What famous baseball player said, "Today's black athletes have no idea what we had to endure"?
Hank Aaron
Barry Bonds
Bob Gibson
Ernie Banks